I’m a twenty something female living in the midst of a whirlwind of chaos caused by PTSD. Panic attacks, anxiety, depression; the number of times these words have been a part of my everyday life these past few months is a painful reminder of the mental health struggles so many of us silently endure on a daily basis. I’ve spent months debating whether or not to share my experience and wondering if it’s too personal to share. I’ve spent months trying to not only find the courage to translate what I’m going through into coherent words, but also trying to find the courage to click the post button.

But here’s the thing, if there is one thing that has helped me feel a little bit okay through all of this turmoil, it is the comfort of knowing that I’m not alone. Mental health is a lonely illness and the only thing that has helped me feel like I’m not losing all of my sanity is the conversations I’ve had with people who can relate to what I’m going through.

Yes, it’s personal and, no, I’m not going to open up about absolutely everything. But if even one person reads my posts and finds some sort of solace in what they read then it’ll have been worth sharing. It’s difficult and it’s painful and not everyone is ready to talk about their experience with mental illness, but here’s what I’m ready to share…

Never Let the Difficulty of Something Temporary Rob You of the Blessing of Something Permanent